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Thank you for visiting the only official Carolyne Mas website. Enter your email address below the menu on the left to join the mailing list so that you can be notified by me personally of any news as it develops. The list so far includes fans and friends in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, The UK, and the United States. Please take a moment to sign the GUESTBOOK with any comments that you would like to share with the world, or just share with me. I respond to all of your posts myself, so be sure to come back and check the GUESTBOOK for my response. Click on the many menu links to explore the details of my life and career, to shop, and to check out my most recent activities. Thanks again for visiting!

Valley Naturals - January 12, 2019

As I get ready to graduate with a BS in Integrative Health on May 6th of 2019, I am slowly setting up a business that I have wanted to set up for a long time. I have named it Valley Naturals. For now, the page is under construction, but I look forward to adding content soon. The goal of this website is to educate and raise awareness concerning preventive healthcare and overall well-being.



Happy Holidays! - December 3, 2018


It's that time of year again. The year has sped by, and I am now 5 months from graduating from Arizona State University with a BS in Integrative Health. I am ready for some big changes happening next year, so it is with great hope that I approach the new year. However, until I graduate and am able to find employment, I am still in need of assistance with the property tax lien on my property. The lien-holder has agreed to terms that are for the most part doable, but only if I can continue to find help at least until I graduate and am able to find a job. If you want to help you can do so safely by donating via PayPal, which can be done even if you don't have an account with them. You can either use the direct link above or use my email address to donate, which is

I have just completed three more classes, that's three more A's, and I am on track to graduate May 6th, 2019, summa cum laude. This is a copy of my degree audit from ASU, so you can see my GPA (which is 3.95) as well as all of the coursework I have completed so far and what I have left to do. I have worked hard and I am extremely proud of myself, as is my family. I have done this for myself and for them in order to be a better Mom as well as a better provider.

I wish you all the best of everything this holiday season. God bless you all!!! Remember to never forget your dreams...

DropBox File Sharing Access! - February 27, 2018

I had an idea while sharing some files with friends, to offer access to fans so they can burn their own CDs/DVDs from my files, or just download them to their mobile devices. I will charge $30 for full access, and this will not change no matter how many files are added in the future.

Currently among these files is a 1979 video of the Bathurst Theater in Toronto, a Chorus TV show from Paris from 1979, the Ovation TV show recorded by Paramount for HBO in 1980 but never released, my promotional videos for Carolyne Mas which were recorded from the VHS tape that my manager had from the record company, as well as all my studio recordings ( US and Germany) and several live recordings which I am still adding, like RockPalast, More Mas Hysteria, and a 1990 show from Karlsruhe, Germany. I am in the process of adding even more, and fans are welcome to contribute their photos or recordings as well

This is a great idea that lets you save money over CD Baby prices, as well as make custom compilations easily and share files with other fans.

DropBox Access

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