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A Chapter From My Book...

Posted on May 28, 2013 with 2 comments
I have decided to publish a chapter from the book that I began to write in 2011. All of these chapters are extremely personal and tell the story of some of the things I have struggled with my entire life - self esteem, men, love, womanhood, beauty, career - and by writing about them, I have been able to purge my soul of at least a few of its demons.
Funny how it is for some of us, that only by bearing our souls are we able to overcome our intense shyness. This is the paradox I have dealt with for decades as a performer. I am terrified before I go on stage, but something happens to me once I am under the spotlight; I am not comfortable until I have revealed every square inch of my vulnerability to a room full of strangers. I will never fully understand why this is so, but I do believe that it is not at all uncommon with artists.
I want to say that I hope you enjoy this chapter, but that would seem out of place, for bulimia is not a happy topic of discussion. It is still spoken of in hushed [...]
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