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Carolyne Mas: Music


(CREEM - Richard Riegel)
January 1982

Back cover photo from "Modern Dreams" LP, referred to in CREEM magazine review (below).
"CAROLYNE MAS - Modern Dreams (Mercury) Something fishy about the bedsitter tableau photographed for the back of this jacket. I mean, sure it's cool that Ms. Mas isn't embarrassed to show off the dark roots of her my-peroxide-man-didn't-come hair, or that she has enough moxie to listen to non-PolyGram records in the privacy of her own pad. But check out her reading matter: five or six Rolling Stone mags, some issues of People and Newsweek, but not a single CREEM in sight! Hate to tell you, Carolyne, but your apparent lack of acquaintance with America's Only (Feminist) Rock 'n' Roll Magazine just could have something to do with the fatal stylistic ambiguities I hear on 'Modern Dreams': You wander from vaguely girl-group, to vaguely new wave, to vaguely folk rock, to vaguely this and that, hoping all the time that no one mistakes you for merely the new (blonde) Melissa Manchester. You'll never get anywhere reading about pop innovations after the fact, Ms. Mas. Get CREEM and get right on top of those trends! (Advertisement.)"