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Carolyne Mas: Music

Recording of Special Merit

(STEREO REVIEW - Noel Coppage)
November 1981
Performance: Dynamic
Recording: Likewise

"If you can play well and if you can play mainstream rock with a sort of Hemingwayesque naivete, you can still find an album or two left in it, as Carolyne Mas and her backers have done here. You'd swear that these people didn't know much of this has been done before, and the utter absence of boredom among them is catching. The key thing, though, is that Carolyne Mas wrote them a pretty good script. Some of her tunes range over much more melody than you'd expect, some rock straight ahead, but all but 'Love Like Stone' are impressive--and so is the cover of 'Signal For Help,' written by Pat Robinson and Moon Martin. Mas has a relatively quirk-free voice, meaning she isn't instantly recognizable, but this album, her best one yet, establishes her as quite a savvy 'rock' singer as well as a potentially 'pure' singer. She may be an even better bandleader, if this is any indication."