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Carolyne Mas: Music

Song List and Credits

("Beyond Mercury")
Savage Juliet Records, November 2003
Compilation by Carolyne Mas, self-released online only.

"Beyond Mercury" CD cover.

1. In The Rain (C. Mas/M. Johnson)
2. Crazy For Your Love
3. Somebody Like Me
4. Sleepwalk (Farina-Farina-Farina, lyrics M. Johnson)
5. Pain Bank
6. Little By Little (C. Mas/M. Johnson)
7. Escuchame (Steve Forbert, Spanish lyrics by Livia Mas)
8. Driving On The Radio (C. Mas/R. Rebuth)
9. Tired Of Me (C. Mas/M. Johnson)
10. Be Your Girl (C. Mas/M. Johnson)
11. I Want Him To (C. Mas/M. Johnson)
12. Where One Meets Two
13. Love Like Stone
14. Baby Please
15. Stay True
16. Call Me
17. Till The Next Time
18. Foggy, Foggy Dew (writer unknown)

All songs written by Carolyne Mas except as noted.

Mastered by Marty Shrabel for AHA Productions, Nashville, TN.
Cover painting by Carolyne Mas.


CAROLYNE MAS, Mercury Records, released 7/79. Produced by Steve Burgh. "Baby Please," "Call Me" (Mas). Carolyne Mas: Lead & backing vocals, piano ("Call Me"), rhythm guitar. David Landau: Lead guitar. Robbie Kondor: Piano, organ. Crispin Cioe: Saxophones. John Siegler: Bass. Andy Newmark: Drums. Steve Burgh: Tambourine. Bernie Shanahan: Additional backing vocals. Recorded at A&R Studios, NYC, NY.

HOLD ON, Mercury Records, released 7/80. Produced by Steve Burgh. "Stay True" (Mas). Carolyne Mas: Lead vocal, rhythm guitar. David Landau: Lead guitar. Charlie Giordano: Piano, organ. Crispin Cioe: Alto, tenor, & baritone sax. Ivan Elias: Bass. Bobby Chouinard: Drums. Steve Burgh: Tambourine. Recorded at The Power Station, NYC, NY.

MODERN DREAMS, Mercury Records, released 5/81. Produced by Phil Chapman & Jon Astley. "Love Like Stone" (Mas). Carolyne Mas: Lead & backing vocals. Rick DeSarno: Lead & rhythm guitar. Charlie Giordano: Piano. Crispin Cioe: Flute. Bobby Chiounard: Drums. Featuring The Uptown Horns (Crispin Cioe, Robert Funk, Arno Hecht, Paul Litteral). Recorded at Mediasound, NYC, NY.

ACTION PACT, Stillsane Records (Germany), released 9/89. Produced by Carolyne Mas & Lou Whitney. "Somebody Like Me," "Where One Meets Two" (Mas). "Sleepwalk" (Farina-Farina-Farina, additional lyrics by Mark Johnson). Carolyne Mas: Lead vocals. D. Clinton Thompson: Guitars, lap steel. Joe Terry: Piano, organ. Lou Whitney: Bass. Ron "Rongo" Gremp: Drums. Recorded at Column One Recording, Springfield, MO.

REASON STREET, SPV Records (Germany), released 5/93. Produced by Charlton Pettus, Milton Sutton, & Clive Gray. "Pain Bank" (Mas), "Driving On The Radio" (Mas/Rebuth). Carolyne Mas: Lead & backing vocals, harmonica, additional 12-string guitar. Charlton Pettus: Guitars, mandolin, keys, pedal steel, bass. Hardmuth Kohler: Violin. Milton Sutton: Drums. Clive Gray: Additional mandolin. Recorded at M. Dyke Studio, Bremen, Germany.

CAROLYNE MAS UNRELEASED TRACKS. Produced by Steve Burgh, recorded 1/99-2/99. "Crazy For Your Love," "Till The Next Time" (Mas), "Escuchame" (Forbert, Spanish lyrics by Livia Mas, arrangement by Carolyne Mas). Carolyne Mas: Lead & backing vocals, piano, keyboards. Steve Burgh: Guitars, organ, bass, tambourine. Charlton Pettus: Synthesizer. Larry Packer: Violin, viola. Rob Turner: Cello, string arrangement. Sue Hadjopoulos: Percussion ("Escuchame"). Mervin Clark: Drums. Lenie Colacino: Additional backing vocals ("Till The Next Time"). Recorded at Baby Monster Studio, NYC, NY.

CAROLYNE MAS DEMOS. "Little By Little," "Be Your Girl" recorded 5/95 at 19 Cornelia, NYC, NY. "In The Rain," "Tired Of Me," "I Want Him To" recorded 1/01 at 11938 Martha, N. Hollywood, CA. Written, produced, all vocals & instruments by Carolyne Mas & Mark Johnson. Additional recording & editing at Eclectic Studios, Nashville, TN.

JOSEPH MAS HOME DEMO, c. 11/52. "Foggy, Foggy Dew" (Unknown). Joseph Mas: Vocal. Ana Mas Gomez: Piano. Recorded at 92 Hathaway Street, Elmont, NY.