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Carolyne Mas: Music

Album Review

(STEREO REVIEW - Noel Coppage)
Performance: Flirtatious
Recording: Good

"In some ways this is a crackerjack of a bubblegum album, but it leaves you feeling Carolyne Mas has the intelligence--and knowing she has the voice--to aim higher. It is intelligently produced by Steve Burgh, given the material (by Mas), which repeatedly poses Mas as a not-so-innocent (we know what 'Snow' is really about, etc.) at large in the big, fat world. There is something precocious about the attitude of the thing, but Mas' voice is pliant and expressive and doesn't need this flirtation with girlishness. The songs mostly perk along just fine on a bubblegum level but are almost all throw-aways. There's talent here, though."