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Carolyne Mas: Music

Song List and Credits

("We've Got The Love" by J.A.M. '86)
Arista Records, 1986
J.A.M. is Jersey Artists For Mankind.

"J.A.M. '86" EP cover.

Side A
1. We've Got The Love (Single Version)
2. We've Got The Love (U.S. Extended Remix by Arthur Baker)
3. We've Got The Love (U.S. Dubtramental, Remixed by Arthur Baker)

Side B
1. We've Got The Love (European Radio Remix)
2. We've Got The Love (European Extended Remix)
3. Save Love, Save Life (Single Version)

"We've Got The Love" written by Joel Krauss and Bob Bandiera.
Produced by Tim Ryan and Garry Tallent.
Vocal Solos: Joel Krauss, Harry Filkin, George Theiss, Southside Johnny Lyon, Nils Lofgren, Glen Burtnik, Lance Larson, Vincent Daniele, Bob Bandiera, J.T. Bowen, Ricky Collins, Carolyne Mas, Vinnie Talerico.
Instrumental Solos: Buce Springsteen, David DiPietro, Garry Grant, Clarence Clemons.

"Save Love, Save Life" written by Ed Testa and Tim Ryan.
Produced by Tim Ryan and Garry Tallent.
Vocal Solos: Ed Testa, Jon Rogers, Sonny Kenn, Carolyne Mas, Franki Valli, Britt Savage, Briz, Vinnie Talerico, J.T. Bowen, 14 Karat Soul, Vinnie Daniele.
Instrumental Solos: Tal Farlow, Ron Lankone, Peter Maurer, Ed Manion, Mac Gollehon.

The J.A.M. Band:
Bob Bandiera-Guitar
Ernest "Boom" Carter-Percussion
David DiPietro-Guitar
Harry Filkin-Guitar
Bob Hammerstone-Guitar
Ed Iglewski-Bass
Kevin Kavanaugh-Keyboards
Joe Norosavage-Synthesizers
Tim Ryan-Strings
Joe Sweeney-Guitar
Max Weinberg-Drums

The J.A.M. Horns:
Frank Elmo-Sax
Mac Gollehon-Trumpet
Richie LaLamba-Trombone
Tom LaBella-Sax
Ron Lankone-Fluegelhorn
Ed Manion-Sax
Pete Maurer-Trombone
Mike Spengler-Trumpet

The J.A.M. Singers: Karl Frey, Alice Leon, Lonesome Bob, Patti Maloney, George Meyer, Jim Monoghan, Wayne Oliver, Gary Shaffer, Deena Shoshkes, George Signore, Mark Tornillo, Ben Vaughn, Charlie Warwick, and featuring the 450 Voice J.A.M. '86 Choir, recorded at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park, N.J.

Photography: Waring Abbott.

All artists' royalties from the sale of this record are being donated to Jersey Artists for Mankind, Inc. ("J.A.M."), a non-profit corporation that will distribute monies it receives from the sale of this record to community food bank programs throughout the United States and to hunger-related charities throughout the world.