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Carolyne Mas: Music

Artist & Song List and CD Notes

("New Jersey Rock 5")
WDHA 105.5 FM (no date listed)
"New Jersey Rock 5" CD cover.
1. Glen Burtnick: Crank It Up
2. Joe Lynn Turner: Young Hearts
3. Carolyne Mas: Pretty Dancer
4. The Cruisers featuring Eddie Testa: Love Feels Right
5. The Smithereens: Groovy Tuesday
6. Jeff Jackson: On The Line
7. Magnum: Hot Nights
8. Tradia: Look Away
9. Cheater Jones: Think Again
10. Winter Hours: Hyacinth Girl
11. Joe Burdette & The New West: Sage of the Seven Stars
12. Maximum America: March of Drums
13. Y Fly 2 London: Just Say No
14. Angelz: Hello... Who Is It?
15. Slap In The Face: What Does Barney Do?
16. The Phil Bernardi Band: I Like Jersey Best

The unsigned artists/bands on the album are the best from hundreds of entries in WDHA's 7th annual N.J. Band Contest. We have also included some great New Jersey rockers--Glen Burtnick, Joe Lynn Turner, and The Smithereens--already signed to major labels.

The N.J. Rock V cover was the winning artwork by Eileen Ciavarella.

Net proceeds from the sale of this album will benefit Dover General Hospital.