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Carolyne Mas: Music

CD Booklet Bio

(Carolyne Mas)
From "New Jersey Rock 5" CD

From the "New Jersey Rock 5" CD booklet.
"Carolyne is a seasoned veteran of the metro-area music scene, having recorded four Albums and the hit song, 'Stillsane.' A legal conflict put her career on hold for four long years, during which she's built up an impressive storehouse of original songs, including 'Pretty Dancer.' 'Pretty Dancer' was produced and engineered by Michael Kaufman, who provided bass, guitar and Linn-drum programming as well. Carolyne writes songs about people and circumstances everyone else can related to, frequently coupling them with her own bittersweet sense of humor. Her live shows are full of energy, and her stage presence is unique. Carolyne is versatile enough to play both as a solo performer and with her back-up band. She's a performer whose talent and determination will put her back on top very soon."