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Carolyne Mas: Music

Monastir Productions, LTD. Press Release

(Carolyne Mas)
September 18, 2005
circa late '78/early '79
"New York City is currently re-establishing itself as the most exciting and dynamic rock 'n roll scene in the country. In fact, not since the Rascals, the Velvet Underground, and the Blues Project literally exploded the 'New York sound' across the country, has there been such a concentration of young, talented musicians living and working in this city. CAROLYNE MAS figures prominently within that group. In a very short time, she has gained a solid reputation among her peers as a very talented young woman with a promising future.

Born and raised in New York, CAROLYNE MAS was introduced to music at a very young age. By the time she had graduated from high school she had ten years of classical piano, seven years of vocal training, and experience in numerous theatrical productions behind her. After attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (1972-73), Carolyne applied to and was accepted by Julliard... but then something happened that would radically alter her approach to music and, eventually, lead her to the rock clubs of New York City.

In the fall of 1974 Carolyne accepted an invitation to join a week-long rock music festival in Pennsylvania. Suddenly, and for the first time in her life, she found herself immersed in a highly-charged creative musical environment that inspired her towards possibilities that her classical training had ignored. Following her instincts, Carolyne decided not to attend Julliard. Instead, she set out across the country with her guitar and a singular objective... to write music and find audiences that would listen. After traveling through countless small towns playing bars, small clubs, and college concert halls, Carolyne finally ended up in Los Angeles where she was offered 'special guest' status at The Troubadour as the leader of the Midnight Band.

Not surprisingly, Carolyne grew restless in California and soon returned to New York City where she began performing at small clubs. Once again, her instincts seem to have pointed her in the right direction; word spread quickly on the street and, before she knew it, Carolyne had found herself integrated into a small and extremely talented group of artists who were just beginning to generate a good deal of attention in the Village. Now, with a clear sense of purpose, very strong material, the support of a management organisation, and with an exciting new band CAROLYNE MAS is ready to make her mark. Those who have heard her are unequivocal in their conviction that she will go all the way."


Touring and/or recording credits include Leslie West, Doug Sahm, the Jon Paris Band, Lynn Kellogg, and Arlen Gayle.

Touring credits include Van Morrison, Dr. John, Kate Taylor, Jesse Colin Young, LaCosta, and Jackie Lomax.
Recording credits include Van Morrison ('Hard Nosed The Highway'), Warren Zevon, Jackie Lomax, and, Jesse Colin Young.

Touring Credits include Jackson Browne (1978), Warren Zevon (1978), James Montgomery Band, Chris Rhoades.
Recording Credits include Stormin' Norman and Suzy, Desmond Childe and Rouge.

Touring credits include Eddie Kendricks, Undisputed Truth, Ecstasy, Passion, and Pain, Dana Gillespie, and Lou Courtney.
Recording credits include Steve Goodman, Lou Courtney, and The New York Community Choir (R.C.A.)

Touring credits include Bob Dylan (Rolling Thunder Revue), Robert Gordon, Kinky Friedman, Roger McGuinn, Don McLean.
Recording credits include same as above.