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Carolyne Mas: News


lou Recording "Action Pact" was undoubtedly one of the best times I ever had making a record. Of all the albums I have ever recorded it is my favorite, and always manages to sound fresh year after year. It was an honor to have worked with Lou Whitney, whom I met while on a brief tour of the south with Steve Forbert during the spring of 1980. We hooked up again in 1982, and again in the fall of 1988, when I decided to record In Springfield, MO with him. It was a learning experience, and Lou was one of the most respectful people I ever worked with, which as a woman in a man's milieu, was not always the case. My memories of that time are very precious to me. I moved to Springfield because of Lou, and because of the wonderful people I met through him. Some of the best times I ever had playing were with him and drummer Ron Gremp, as a trio. We played regularly at 2 places: Dan's Lounge, and Carl's Lounge. It was a blast each time. Lou died on October 7th at 9:30 AM in his Springfield home, where he had been battling cancer for more than a year. His absence will be felt by many. He was a gentleman, a philosopher, a father figure to well as a very talented (yet modest) musician and producer. My deepest condolences go out to his wife Kay, and to his family.

NOW ON CD BABY - July 8, 2014

imagine_resized I am very pleased to announce that my cover of the late great John Lennon's song "Imagine", recorded in 1991, is now on CD Baby and other digital partners....

GREAT GIFT IDEA - July 7, 2014

DCSMALL I have 99 of these download cards for "THE VINYL COLLECTION" from CD Baby. They are perfect to put inside a birthday or holiday card, or inside a Christmas stocking, and can be personally autographed by me to anyone you want. They are the size of a credit card, and are $12 a piece which includes standard shipping to anywhere.

LIVE IN GERMANY 1981 - July 2, 2014

I am happy to announce the CD Baby release of a live show from Germany, from 1981. All 19 tracks will be available at the CD Baby website and from their digital partners like iTunes in the next day or so. While I already sell both the complete download as well as the physical double CD of this show here, using this method allows people to buy individual tracks, and gets my music out there better than I can by myself.

This double-CD has 19 action-packed tracks which include many of her well-known songs like "Sittin' in the Dark", "Thomas Dunson's Revenge", and "Stillsane', as well as several songs that have never before been released: I'm Lucky", another great Mas/Landau collaboration, "Due Relief", an edgy original, "Bad Love", a Mark Johnson rocker, and the tour-de-force of my live shows at the time, "Midnight Confessions", the classic Grass Roots song.

It features Bobby Chouinard (drums), Ivan Elias (bass), Crispin Cioe (sax), Ricky DeSarno (guitar), and Charlie Giordano (keys).

The digital release from CD Baby is available at this link:

it is also available on iTunes.


"DEAR JOHN..." - May 22, 2014

mesmallTerry Shanahan had a great idea one day. We were talking on the phone while I was getting ready to leave for a tour of Italy in January of 2014, to promote my latest CD. I told him about how I had been photographing interesting bathrooms for 10 years during my travels, and he suggested that I put together a book of these photos and call it "Dear John". The concept evolved from simple photographs to painted photographs, as I had seen Terry's work as an artist, and some of this work included painted photographs which I thought were just great. We thought to paint scenes into each photo...and this in turn evolved into the idea to include a short poem with each painted photo; something that had to do with love and relationships. "Dear John..." was born. djsmallWe began to go through the photos, which I had started taking in 2004 while onboard the MS Veendam for a cruise. There were quite a few from the Veendam, as well as from 2 other ships, along with photos from the many hotel rooms and clubs that I had either stayed in or performed at while on tour in Italy during 2006, 2013 and 2014. We picked out what we felt were the most interesting ones, and got to work. "Dear John..." is a work in progress, and the process is simple, but tedious. Terry has chosen to use a very primitive computer program on his Mac G4, which is very fitting as many of these photos were taken using a cell phone. The goal is to make something creative with the least amount of help. You can find the official "Dear John..." blog, along with a few pages from the book, by clicking here.
~ Carolyne

NOW AVAILABLE ON CD! - April 18, 2014

I am pleased to tell you that I am now able to burn copies onto CD of my past albums...not only of my first 3 Mercury LPS...but of "Action Pact", "Reason Street" and "Live!". Many of you have never heard these releases before from the years 1989-1992, during the period of time when I was living in Germany.

They are a must have for the Carolyne Mas collector, and for those who do not like laboring through long downloads of files.

Each CD is hand-signed by me, and comes in a black envelope, like the envelopes I have been using for the other CDs and DVDs that some of you have already bought.

"Action Pact" and "Reason Street" are $15.50 a piece including Priority Mail shipping...International orders please add $6 extra for shipping. "Live!", a 2-CD set is $25.50, which also includes Priority Mail shipping...International orders again please add $6.



LIVE! (1991)


UNCUT ORIGINAL WLIR BROADCAST OF 08/03/1980 - April 5, 2014

Today I came across a CD of the original KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR broadcast from MY FATHER'S PLACE from which MAS HYSTERIA was born. It is not the rebroadcast, which was cut to 1 hour, but the ORIGINAL 1 HOUR, 16 MINUTES and 45 SECOND LIVE SHOW. This is where you will find the UNCUT "SITTIN' IN THE DARK"!

The CD is $15 including US Priority Mail shipping, INTERNATIONAL please remember to add $6.

What a find!



As I continue to pump out new material, I am now offering on DVD, a wonderful show which was a CITY-TV and CHUM-FM simulcast of a concert from the Bathurst St. Theatre in Toronto, Canada. The date of the show was December 15, 1979, and this was the rebroadcast from April 12, 1980.

It is available on DVD for $15 which includes US Priority Mail shipping, INTERNATIONAL please add $6.




I actually misplaced this DVD set after I came home from New York a month ago. I found it today inside a box with slides I had been looking at at the time, while looking for something interesting to post on Facebook for Throwback Thursday, LOL!

The concert from January 11. 2014 at Spazio Teatro 89 in Milano, was one of 2 shows played with a full band from this last 2014 tour of Italy. It features the Working Class Band with Daniele Tenca and Heggy Vezzano. There are 2 discs with 17 songs, and despite it being a theater, the show had a very nice intimate feel.

The set is $25 including US Priority Mail shipping, INTERNATIONAL please add $6.



I have finally found a way to pull the Folk City footage from my old computer which has a broken CD/DVD I am now able to burn both sets from July 13, 1985 onto a 2 DVD set. Hooray!

This show was shot with a video camera on a the footage is EXACTLY as it appeared on the original tape...but is is a must have for fans. It is the only '85 footage I have of myself and David Landau playing together, which makes it even more special. It contains many songs that are still unrecorded or unreleased, like "Pretty Dancer" and "Break My Heart".

The cost for this set is $20, which includes US Priority Mail shipping, INTERNATIONAL please add $6.


NEW ITALIAN SHOWS FROM 2014 ON CD - March 28, 2014

I am pleased to announce the availability of 3 new shows on CD. They are from the 2014 tour. They do not come in a box, but are autographed and come in a plain black sleeve. I would be happy to provide you with photos should you wish to create your own cases.

All shows are on 2 discs, and are available for $20 which includes US Priority Mail shipping, INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE ADD $6.

All'Unaetrentacinquecirca in Cantù 1/20/2014

Teatro Spazio 89 in Milano 1/11/2014

Amigdala Trozzo D'Adda in Milano 1/19/2014



This is an excerpt from the Karlsruhe show that I have for sale on DVD. The 2 DVD set is of a much higher quality than this clip. It is a phenomenal concert!

The 2 DVD set sells for $20 plus $3.95 shipping via Priority Mail US only, and there is a button to add $6.00 International shipping. This DVD plays on my computer as well as my NAD DVD player. Some older players may not play it.

Ships via Priority Mail


ROCKPALAST NOW ON CD - March 20, 2014

The Carolyne Mas "Rockpalast" concert from January of 1981, is now available as a 2 audio CD set for $20 plus $3.95 Priority Mail shipping US only, International customers add $6.00.

There is a 13 plus minute rendition of "Sitting in the Dark", as well as exceptional versions of "Midnight Confessions", "You Cannot Win if You Do Not Play", and "I'm Lucky", a Mas/Landau collaboration which was a huge favorite with audiences back then. This recording is far superior to "Mas Hysteria", as it is 2 full CDs of exceptional and rare performances, featuring the late great Bobby Chouinard on drums.

Ships via Priority Mail


All 3 Mercury LPs are now available in a 2 CD set. The set itself does not come with any artwork, but it includes the downloadable artwork from the "Vinyl Collection" which was released by WildCat Recordings in 2011. These tracks have been digitally remastered and sound just great. The set includes all 30 tracks from "CAROLYNE MAS", "HOLD ON", and "MODERN DREAMS" on 2 CDS for $20 plus $3.95 Priority Mail shipping, US only. There is a button to pay for extra International shipping separately, for those of you ordering from afar. essmas

Ships Priority Mail US ONLY

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! - December 23, 2013


"ACROSS THE RIVER" TOUR 2014 BEGINS... - December 12, 2013

I will be heading out to Italy in January in support of my new CD "Across the River". Backing me up will be a wonderful Italian artist named Daniele Tenca along with his band The Working Class Band. They can be heard on my new album playing on the track "So Hard to be True". Here are the dates so far... 9 - NAPOLI - Archivio storico; 10 - TBA; 11 - MILANO - Spazio Teatro 89; 12 - CLAVESANA (CN) - private event; 13 - VARESE - Twiggy; 14 - TBA; 15 - TBA; 16 - CASALGRANDE (RE) - Barricada Cafè ("Storytellers Night", with Graziano Romani and Daniele Tenca); 17 - PIOVE DI SACCO (Padova) - Music Ale; 18 - ZOAGLI (GE) - Il Banco; 19 - TREZZO (MI) - Amigdala Theatre; 20 - CANTU' (CO) - Allunaetrentacinquecirca I hope to see many of my Italian friends there. Ciao!


These photos were taken in July of 1980 during a show at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park, by a man named Joe Streno, who was a student at the time. He was recently invited to show photos he took at the Fast Lane by the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation. Photos of myself and my band circa 1980 will be part of the photos displayed. The opening reception will be November 16th (not sure of the time yet) in Asbury Park. I'll let you know all the details as soon as he tells me.

He will also be showing his Fast Lane photos of Billy Idol, Mink DeVille, The A's, John Eddie & The Front Street Runners, Ronnie Spector, & Junior Smoots And The Disturbers.

To see more of Joe's photos from that night, click here.


Some have requested that I make a donation link visible, so here it is. Donations are always welcome, although I hope to be able to remove this link one day soon. I thank you...


You can now purchase my new CD directly from Amazon Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. You can also download it on Amazon or on iTunes.

"A great voice, even better today, a great personality, and exciting songs that touch the soul."

~ Blue Bottazzi Beat

"The rich notes in the booklet tell in great detail her encounters and love affairs with these songs, part of a "time travel" which includes several previously unpublished original compositions as well as a few that are known and revisited with grit, class and sexiness between sinuous swing, scat, blues, Latin flavors and touching confessional ballads."

~ Alfredo Marziano,

" I LOVE LOVE this CD. And what makes it even better is the case, which is like a miniature LP with a fold out booklet. I felt like I was opening an album. Carolyne has evolved into a vocalist, interpreter of great songs - both her own and other writers'. She has a smoky, blues tone to her voice and she powers it over each syllable beautifully. This CD has "Mas" appeal."

~ Rich Wilson...a fan.


Some have requested that I make a donation link visible, so here it is. Donations are always welcome, although I hope to be able to remove this link one day soon. I thank you...


My dear buddy Joe Phillips of WildCat Records has made a new download available to me. It is a new version of the audio for RockPalast and it is hot hot hot! Photos from the show are also available on the download page.

It is available for the special price of $10. Once you completed your purchase, you will be directed to the download page. If you experience any issues, please contact me at Enjoy!


Some have requested that I make a donation link visible, so here it is. Donations are always welcome, although I hope to be able to remove this link one day soon. I thank you...

"OVATION", 1980 - September 4, 2013

This show was recorded by Paramount Lorimar, at The Attic in Greenville, NC during the late summer of 1980. It features the same players as on Modern Dreams, when Rick DeSarno had replaced David Landau on guitar. Charlie Giordano, who now plays with Springsteen, is on piano, and the legendary Bobby Chouinard is on drums. There is a brief interview with me included in the footage.

It was supposed to have become a TV show called "Ovation", but I don't think it ever aired due to the poor quality of their film. It was 140 degrees on stage, and they had blown the fuses in the there was no AC. You can see how washed out we appear because of the intensely bright lighting. I remember them flying me to the south somewhere to fix Ivan's bass part at the end of one of the songs, oddly enough. I can't tell you which one it was.



This is a painting I have made that will be a part of the artwork for my upcoming CD, "Across the River", which is scheduled to be released October birthday...on Route 61 Music out of Italy. I am very excited about it, and see this as the birth of a significant period of change in my life. If I think back to just a year ago, I can really appreciate how my life has been blessed with so many new opportunities. It has been quite a struggle, and at times my life has felt just as barren as the desert in my painting. Somehow the music has brought with it a river of possibilities and new life.

The painting is called "From Music Comes the River", and is available for sale here.


SOLO ACOUSTIC FROM 1993 - July 24, 2013

I just came across this solo version of "King of the U-Turn" on YouTube. I did a free solo acoustic mini tour in the early summer of 1993 to promote the release of "Reason Street". It was filmed and broadcast by Underground Live TV. I had no idea...


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A NEW DIRECTION... - June 11, 2013


I have been thinking today about the direction of my life. For so many years, I have relied on others for my successes...or failures...not having much control over the outcome. Music business is like that because it is rarely a one man...or There are agents, managers, record labels, venues...all people and things beyond your control. If you think about it, it is a very precarious way in which to live, because there is so little certainty to be had in being almost completely dependent on others for both your present and your future.

Because of this, I have decided to open myself to new adventures; a new way of looking at myself and the ways in which I can experience life through this body that I have been given.

Over the years, I have come to see myself as more than a musician. Most of my life, in fact, has not been spent playing music at all. If I add up all of the years I actually recorded and toured, it would come to only 7 years. That is 7 years out of 57, and yet music is the only thing I have been associated with in the minds of many people. How odd!

I have opened the blog portion of this page as part of that journey into self discovery, and at this point, I am very interested in pursuing opportunities as a writer. I don't know how this will work out for me...and in some ways, I also don't want to get caught up in the same narrow field of expectations and disappointments.

Right now, I am a leaf in the wind, and I am open to letting life write me for a change. :-)



I am very pleased to offer the entire show from Bremen, Germany, for download. It is uncut...exactly as it was that evening, all of the talking in between songs included. That evening's show was not one of the bigger audiences I performed to during the tour, it was a small venue, but it was a very intimate show as there were a lot of people from my past in attendance.

The sound-man was kind enough to download this show for me onto his computer, and I received it a short while ago. It is $10 for the download, and may be purchased by clicking on the PayPal link below. You will automatically be led to the download link. Works best with Firefox, but if you experience any problems, please email me at and I will send you the link directly.


Some have requested that I make a donation link visible, so here ya go! Donations are always welcome, and go towards keeping the music flowing. I thank you...



"This 2003 release contains nine previously released tracks and nine from the vaults. It's distributed by the Carolyne Mas Fan Club ( The old stuff is memorable, and so is the new. The last track is a home recording by Carolyne's father, to whom the album is dedicated." ~ Charles G. Hill,
See original albums for previously released tracks

Demo tracks:
Carolyne Mas, Mark Johnson: all vocals and instruments
"Little By Little", "Be Your Girl" recorded 1995 in New York City (These are NOT the same versions that later appear on "Brand New World"!)
"In The Rain," "Tired Of Me," "I Want Him To" recorded 2001 in North Hollywood, CA
Produced and engineered by Carolyne Mas and Mark Johnson

1999 unreleased tracks:
Carolyne Mas: Lead and backing vocals, piano, keyboards
Steve Burgh: Guitars, organ, bass, tambourine
Charlton Pettus: Synthesizer
Larry Packer: Violin, viola
Rob Turner: Cello, string arrangements
Sue Hadjopoulos: Percussion ("Eschucame")
Mervin Clark: Drums
Lenie Colacino: Backing vocals ("Till the Next Time")
Produced by Steve Burgh
Recorded at Baby Monster Studio, New York City
Track listing:

In The Rain (Mas/Johnson) (unreleased demo, 2001)
Crazy For Your Love (Mas) (unreleased track, 1999)
Somebody Like Me (Mas) (from Action Pact, 1989)
Sleepwalk (Farina-Farina-Farina-Johnson) (from Action Pact, 1989)
Pain Bank (Mas) (from Reason Street, 1993)
Little By Little (Mas/Johnson) (unreleased demo, 1995)
Escuchame (Forbert/L. Mas/arr C. Mas) (unreleased track, 1999)
Driving On The Radio (Mas/Rebuth) (from Reason Street, 1993)
Tired Of Me (Mas/Johnson) (unreleased demo, 2001)
Be Your Girl (Mas/Johnson) (unreleased demo, 1995)
I Want Him To (Mas/Johnson) (unreleased demo, 2001)
Where One Meets Two (Mas) (from Action Pact, 1989)
Love Like Stone (Mas) (from Modern Dreams, 1981)
Baby Please (Mas) (from Carolyne Mas, 1979)
Stay True (Mas) (from Hold On, 1980)
Call Me (Mas) (from Carolyne Mas, 1979)
Till The Next Time (Mas) (unreleased track, 1999)
Foggy, Foggy Dew (traditional) (Joseph Mas home demo, 1952)

Download now for $5.00.
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