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Carolyne Mas: News

GET YOUR NAME IN MY BOOK! - June 30, 2011

Every $50 contribution will get your name in my book. Contributions of $100 will receive hand-written lyrics of the song of your choice. Contributions of $500 will receive a phone call from me, where I will sing for you personally a song of your choosing.

HELLO FRIENDS AND FANS!!! - June 29, 2011

Greetings and welcome to the new look of! Former Fan Club prez Brad DeMeulenaere has helped me out here, and given a fresh look to the old page; I like it very much!

We will be adding some new items to the store. You will now be able to purchase hand-written lyrics from me, as well as have me sing songs personally for you via Skype or phone. We are trying to find new and creative ways to help generate income while I take the time to work on my book, which is now 1/3 of the way towards being completed. It is very exciting for me to be doing this at last.

I will be selling DVDs of live shows, as well as unreleased recordings and demos from my own personal collection which you will be able to download. I will also from time to time, be offering memorabilia and vinyl copies of my Mercury recordings.

Look for news of the upcoming release of WildCat Recording's reissue of my first 3 Mercury LPS here on this page. I know that a lot of you have waited a long time for this! I will keep you posted as soon as I learn of the date.

I welcome all my friends and fans to join my email list if you have not already done so! :-)

Love and Gratitude,


I have decided to let my good friend Joe Phillips release my 3 Mercury LPs on his label WildCat Recordings USA. They will also be releasing a 4 song EP of previously unreleased material.

As you know, over the years I have had small labels say that they were going to do this before, and it fell through each time. However, I have learned that sometimes things happen, or don't happen, for a very good reason. This opportunity was well worth waiting for.

All of the songs will be REMASTERED for this new CD. "The EP download will be 4 very special, previously unreleased songs! The 3 Mercury albums will be presented in a double CD length package, initially as high quality MP3 downloads.", Joe said on Sunday.

The EP will contain out takes from the "Brand New World", "Reason Street", and "Action Pact" recording sessions.

Check here from time to time for updates! Add your name to my mailing list if you want to be notified of any news. :-)


My best memories of my mother were all about her cooking. Whenever I came home from school, the smell of food would greet me as I burst through the kitchen door. There my Mom would be, like clockwork, standing behind the pink formica counter, steam eminating from a huge electric skillet which was her weapon of choice. In it she made her famous Chicken Livia, Veal Marsala, or one of the many wonderful dishes which she was very well known for preparing among her circle of friends. And us kids? We loved it. We loved that she made STEAKburgers in the fireplace, along with the best flank steak I have ever had to this day. My brother and I would toast marshmellows over the glowing coals afterward. I don't recall any other kid's parents cooking in their fireplace. I felt special.

As I returned home from the hospital today, I felt so empty. I looked at my son, and nothing really seemed to phase him at made me want to be a kid again. But maybe he just sees life as what it really is, just this amazing ride filled with beaiutiful people that come and go, leaving a trail of stars behind them. I don't know.

I am going to make a lasagna this Christmas. It was one of my mother's legacys that she handed down to me...some would even say her tour de force. Of course, I will still make it her way, but like a quilt I will alter it with my own special and unique touch that will add my name to the list of those before me, and those yet to come.

Merry Christmas, Ma. I'll be seeing you.

A WILDCAT CHRISTMAS 2010!!! - December 13, 2010

In the spirit of giving, WildCat Recording artists have given of themselves for a very special collection of Holiday-themed songs. For my fans, among these songs is my song "Snow". We live in very dark times, it's not always "happy time" for many. Our neighbors are hungry, cold and in serious troubles. Profits from this collection will go to the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Massena, NY to fund the food bank, and other types of assistance to aid the poor in our community.
This is a remarkable album of songs by noted musicians and songwriters from all over the country, coming together in a common purpose. We can't thank them all enough for their efforts. Right now, it's available by MP3 download for a suggested donation of $10.00 USD. You can donate ANY amount, though! And, please share the songs with your friends.

Joe Phillips, founder and owner of WildCat Records, has given me permission to put the link to donate to this cause on my page, and here it is below. Remember, PayPal is a great way to purchase things online while keeping your financial info private and 100% secure. You do not have to have a PayPal account to donate.


Carolyne Mas once graced the airwaves in 1979 with her sax-driven
anthem, "Stillsane", a song about holding on to one's sanity in the
face of conflict. Today she faces that battle for real.

After working as a professional musician for over 30 years (her first
paid gig was at the age of 13), Mas went on in 1998 to form an animal
sanctuary in Nashville, Tennessee called "Our Animal Haus". The
sanctuary was moved to Florida in 2004 after Mas' father died and she
volunteered to care for her Aunt with Alzheimer's along with her
grieving mother.

After finding a perfect location in Brooksville, the sanctuary
thrived. Its residents included the original dogs from Tennessee, all
of whom were elderly large mixed breed dogs, and cats who had AIDS and
were HIV positive. Carolyne and her husband were committed to
providing them with a safe and beautiful place for them to spend the
rest of their lives. They also began to take in several exotic birds,
some with special needs, as well as several horses, one of them blind.
"Our Animal Haus" was becoming a safe haven for the unadoptable,
unwanted, and special needs animals who otherwise would have had no
place to go.

Beginning in February of 2009, Mas and her husband began to have
several visits from Animal Control of Hernando County. They had been
prompted by a call from a recently fired and disgruntled employee.
Everything seemed fine and friendly until journalist Logan Neill of
the Hernando Times, a branch f the St. Pete Times, requested an
interview with Mas in response to an article called "Carolyne Mas: Her
Animal Haus", which had come out in the Huffington Post in September.

Mas granted this interview, even providing the name and phone number
of one of her "friends" at Animal Control as a reference. After all,
just 2 weeks earlier, they had said she was a "good sanctuary".
But...something wrong happened. In direct breach of his ethics as a
journalist, Logan Neil, who had not even taken a tour of "Our Animal
Haus", used the number given to him by Carolyne to file a complaint.
Although Mr. Neill denies this, Animal Control does not.

What ensued was nothing short of a nightmare. Logan Neil began to
write a series of slanderous articles for the Hernando Times,
containing undocumented information and outright lies about "Our
Animal Haus" and its owners. Animal Control began to seize the animals
at "Our Animal Haus", first by taking Ginger, a 30-year-old mare, and
then euthanizing her. They falsely claimed she was suffering from
malnutrition and was instead 18 years old, despite her previous Vet
records stating her birth date as 8/20/1979.

On October 30, almost 200 animals were seized from "Our Animal Haus"
because of false allegations made by Animal Control, stemming from the
euthanizing of Ginger. These animals included all of the dogs, all of
the cats, perfectly healthy exotic birds, as well as healthy pure bred
horses and ponies. Animal Control would end up putting down all of the
elderly dogs and almost all of the cats, robbing them of living out
the rest of their lives in peace. They would, however, go on to profit
from the sale of the birds and the horses, and a handful of small pure-
bred dogs.

Presently there are cases all across the US where Animal Control or
the local humane society has acted outside the scope of local
ordinances and illegally confiscated animals, from valuable show dogs
and show cats, to well kept breeding birds, to thoroughbred horses.
Apparently these local officials have learned that they can achieve
three goals:
1) adopt out (sell) animals and property for money,
2) receive donations from the public for their "good" work
3) receive commendations from their superiors

Therefore, they have financial reasons for "taking animals under color
of law." However, they generally use the argument that the animals are
abused, not properly cared for, starving, or treated cruelly. They are
quick to euthanize any animals that will be too much trouble to keep
and that cannot be adopted to the public for money. These many types
of cases are being documented due to this outrageous assault on
constitutional rights of animal owners in the U.S.

Carolyne's Fourth Amendment rights were clearly violated by the
illegal search and seizure of her animals and expensive bird cages,
and Animal Control fast-tracked her case, acting often without any
official paperwork allowing them to do so, robbing Carolyne of her
Fifth Amendment right to due process; She was never given enough time
to secure an attorney.

Through supporters of her case, Carolyne was able to find an attorney
in Tampa, who has worked cases like this before and won. However, she
does not have the funds to hire him. She has paid dearly for the
emotional loss of her long time companions, and the ones whom she
sheltered from harm for so long. She will never see any of them again.
Her name and reputation has been unfairly and unmercifully slandered
by the press who gave her little time to tell her own story. You can
help her finally get the justice that she so well deserves by making a
donation at 'Our Animal Haus", or by contacting her directly at

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The Supporters of Our Animal Haus


As some of you may recall in the past, a woman named Caryn MacFayden was caught impersonating me both on the Web, and in person at various places throughout the country over the past few years. I confronted her here, and she replied with a letter which I posted, stating that she would never do it again - well, she lied.

I received a post in my guestbook today from a woman named Dorothy, who apparently is booked on a cruise with Ms. MacFayden. It is a Rick Springfield cruise in November, and when you book it as a single person you are allowed to request a cabin mate to cut down on expenses.

On this cruise is the opportunity to rub elbows with music people, some from MTV, maybe even Mr. Springfield himself at a special cocktail party on this cruise, and that worries me a lot. She may try to meet people by using my name, which is something I wouldn't even do. From what someone who met her a while back at some kind of music convention, she seems a bit flaky. She spins stories about her husband having jammed with the stones in the early seventies, which would have been when I was in high school. The time line is off completely, and thank God that some people are driven to check this Web site to see if she is

She has even shown people pictures of her 'tour of Italy', robbing many details of my life from this very page. Well, she cannot steal my face, so look at my photo here and remember my face, because if you ever meet either one of us, you will know who the real Carolyne Mas is.



Yes, it is true...finally. This is an occasion, to say the least, one I have waited for many years to happen.

While going through my guest-book entries in order to approve or delete them...I get SO much Spam...I came across a letter from a gentleman named John Edwards who owns Renaissance Records. They are responsible for digging up a lot of old dinosaurs like me, and reissuing their old vinyl on CD.

I posted this in my Facebook page on Friday after I talked to him. I saw that someone posted it on a Steve Hoffman forum and mentioned it in the guest-book already, so I thought I would just confirm it here as well. I also wrote a long post on the SH forum, about "Our Animal Haus".

I hope that this will be good for my fans, and work out well for my animals, too. Any little bit helps, as you know.


I finally put all the tracks up that I promised to have available a few months ago We have just been plagued by disasters for the past few months, so I didn't have the chance to look for the CDs that Brad, my former Fan Club Guy, had made a while back.
To those who donated in our time of need last September, this is my gift to you. To those who didn't, this is my gift to you, but perhaps you will be inspired to donate to "Our Animal Haus", our non-profit sanctuary for unwanted, elderly, and special needs animals and birds.

I thank you!

R.I.P. LARRY BLASCO, 10.08.1954 - 04.01.2009 - April 9, 2009

Larry Blasco was the tech guy's tech guy. I met him in 1982, when he was doing sound for me on a Canadian tour. We fell in love very quickly, and lived together during the bulk of our relationship, which lasted 5 years....a significant amount of time for me at that point in my life, and even now. It is for him that I wrote "Cruel Little Angel".

Larry was one of the few people that I remained close with over the years, and he was one of the 2 or 3 people in my life that I would ask for advice, which says a lot because most of the time I think I know everything...

I consider myself lucky to have known him so well, well enough to see his gentile and loving spirit. The kind of connection we shared does not happen often in life, and I will continue to cherish the book of memories we made together, turning each page of rare and special moments over and over again for the rest of my own life.

Larry was a warm, wonderful, and loving Godfather to my son, who called him "Uncle YaYa", because he could not say his name when he was little, and this somehow stuck over the years. He was great with kids, and knew how to relate to them in a magical way. My husband Teddy told me that he was the only one of my old boyfriends that he actually liked, and that you could not help but like him. This says a lot about Larry's character, I think; My husband never seems to like anybody I know.

Now that he has been summoned up to the ultimate gig in the sky, I am sure he is enjoying all of the great musicians that are playing, and I'd like to think of him there, tuning Jimi's guitar, fixing Marley's mic cable, or just hanging with Terry, B. C., and Big Danny, laughing at the silly things we do down here. will live on in the hearts and minds of the many people who love you. We will be seeing you...

OUR ANIMAL HAUS, INC. - March 28, 2009

It has been years since I have set up a Web site, and have gotten the domain "", from GoDaddy, as well as the software from them that is supposed to be easy to use to build the site, but I have suddenly become Web stupid, and am having trouble setting it up.

Anyway, here is the logo, designed by Brad Hughes, and angel, and it's great, isn't it? He has also designed some pictures for the tees we will be selling as well as some graphics which will appear on the page I am fumbling through creating.

Check the address now and then, but as I have something really up and running, I will be linking to it from here.



I have found an excellent artist to do pin-up girl drawings with some of our real animals for the new Web site for OUR ANIMAL HAUS that I am looking to morph with this one.

He is a real angel, and is working as a donation to our cause. We are also working on some provocative tees as well as a calendar of the drawings and animals that will appear on the Web site.

He is an amazing artist, and as soon as some of the images are finalized, you will be able to see them here.

RIP Angela - February 5, 2009





Our Animal Haus, Inc., is in dire financial straits. We are a sanctuary for special needs and unadoptable horses, dogs, cats , and birds. You can see some of the photos of our animals on MySpace.

For 6 years I had a very well paying job as Guardian and caregiver for my Aunt who had Alzheimer's, but sadly she passed in April of last year, an event which was not only emotionally devastating, but financially so. We had built the sanctuary up through the good times.

Every penny I earned during that time, I spent on the animals, and after I was no longer working, I started to sell off all of the guitars I had accumulated when I was an active professional musician, which on Ebay, means for half their value.

I am entering a particularly dark period as I have just sold the last guitar. I have 3 workers to pay, as I cannot get volunteers to help me for obvious reasons. I don't know what to do. My husband and I just cannot do all of the work ourselves, and the feed bills are high.

Donations can be made here via PayPal. I am embarrassed to ask, but please help if you can.

Thank you, Carolyne

MY MOST HUMBLE THANKS - September 18, 2008

A big thank you goes out to all of you who have donated to our shelter during our great time of need. Your donations are greatly appreciated by every one of the gentle souls who so peacefully roam here, and will make their lives a little bit easier.

I have decided to repay all of you by putting up mp3s for all of my CDs and LPs here on this Web site for you to download for free. This is a rather daunting task, and it will take a bit of time, but it is something I really want to do for all of you to show my gratitude for your generosity.


To the right is Angela, our rescued Pug. She was abandoned by her owner because she has Epilepsy. She is 7, and she is like a little person!


It is 3 AM on Sunday morning, and my friend Don has just finished vacuuming the water from our attic. Our hot water heater broke upstairs, sending water pouring into all four bedrooms, and the hallway that leads to them. We will have to replace the laminate floors throughout that part of the house, and possibly the ceilings, and a couple of the walls.

The BAD news is that I just sold both of my gold watches on Ebay to be able to pay for the building of a new outdoor kennel for the 25 cats I just rescued from a kill (via gassing) shelter in Georgia. Everything was going to proceed just fine and dandy until tonight. There is no telling how much the insurance company will pay me towards the extensive repairs I will have to make because of this disaster, but I do know that they have a tendency to make you wait weeks before you even see a penny. I need to be able to not only build the kennels now, but also pay for the repairs, and both need to happen as soon as possible so we can all have a place to sleep.

I am therefor putting up a PayPal button on my Web site and asking that if any of you out there can donate anything to help, I would greatly appreciate it. I have donated money to many causes in the past, so I am hoping that some good karma will be coming my way because of this. My PayPal ID to where you can send money is the same as my email address, which is For those of you who do not use PayPal, donations can be mailed to Carolyne Mas, 24419 Lanark Road, Brooksville, FL 34601. Checks or Money Orders will have to be made out to me personally as I have yet to open a business account under the name of "Our Animal Haus, Inc".

I do thank all of you. To the left, are some of the cats rescued from Barrow County, GA, most of whom are still kittens.


ANA LIDIA MAS GOMEZ, "Yiya", September 30, 1913 - April 1, 2008
I am finally able to write this without becoming an emotional wreck...I took care of my Aunt for the last 6 years of her life, and I am honored to have done so.

What can I say about a woman who had so much impact on my life? She was my soul mother, my friend, and one of the biggest supporters of my womanhood and my music, especially my piano playing and composing. She was fearless and jumped into everything head first, and I see now how she was the fire behind my father's eyes, pushing him forward to accomplish great things, guiding him into the wonderful world of imagination, laughter, and music. Two years older than my dad, they were as tight as a brother and sister could be. I am sure that if there is a heaven, she is playing the piano to my father's lush baritone, happy to be reunited with her best friend.

Ana held a Master's Degree in Econimics from Columbia University, and served as Economic Attache' to the United States in Mexico, a job which was created especially for her by the American Embassy in Mexico City. She traveled all over the world often by herself, which was relatively unheard of in her day, quite independent of her loving husband of 60 years, Ed. She even managed to care for her father until his death in the early 1980's. I have photos of her with Nixon, Ted Kennedy, and other powerful men who were her all her colleagues. Had she been born decades later, one can only imagine that she may have taken a more influential role in politics, such as Secretary of State or even President. She had all the grace, beauty, and sophistication of a Jackie Kennedy, and as if that was not enough, she was also an accomplished pianist, with an uncanny sense of rhythm.

Ana did Yoga with me on the floor of our den in Long Island around 1965, when no one had ever heard of it. She had a bell-like laugh, and she got a kick out of the fact that I was able to do the lotus position with little effort, like a "piece of rubber," she said. Around this time, I also remember her trying to bake a cheesecake, complete with the graham cracker crust. Her and my father both loved a good New York Style cheesecake, but I remember this as being an overwhelming task, complete with the hysteria of the almost forgotten grated lemon rind, and the ensuing mess that looked more like a science experiment gone wrong. I don't remember how the cheesecake turned out, but it became something of a joke-infused legend for a while, as my Aunt was not the domestic kind, and was looked upon by my parents as being somewhat spoiled because she was lucky enough to have a full time French cook at her home in Mexico.

So many memories...I could write a book about my Aunt...perhaps I should. Maybe the story of this remarkable woman is one that needs to be told...

OUR ANIMAL SANCTUARY - January 31, 2008

I have made the decision to quit playing music, I never play out anymore anyway, and devote my life to animal rescue, and to my family. We are at this moment seeking non-profit status for our ever-growing last. Additionally, some of you may already know that I have been caring for my Aunt for some time now. Well, I am also caring for my Mom these days, and frankly I have no desire to be away from either of them at all anymore. This is where I am needed, and I feel that my life has real purpose when I can be of service to others who cannot help themselves.

Music has brought me more sorrow than good over the years, and the people that I associated with truly depleted all of the joy that I once had for my music. The world that I live in now is filled with love which is unconditional...something quite alien to the business of music.

I want to thank you for your support and loyalty over the years. It has meant a lot to me, and it was the last remaining reason why I still played at all, for a long time. To those of you who play guitar...I will be selling off my collection of guitars, which is quite extensive, on Ebay, or you may contact me via email if you are interested in finding out just what is for sale.

Love Always,

Giving to Those in Need
May I become at all times, both now and forever
A protector for those without protection
A guide for those who have lost their way
A ship for those with oceans to cross
A bridge for those with rivers to cross
A sanctuary for those in danger
A lamp for those without light
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter
And a servant to all in need.

- Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

THE 1979 PROMO VIDEOS - March 12, 2007

With David Landau (guitar), Crispin Cioe (sax), Robbie Kondor (keys), Hugh McDonald (bass), Mike Finkelstein (drums).

This was recorded sometime during the early summer of 1979. They made me pin the hat to my head. After that, I refused to let the record company or my manager tell me what to wear. I had enjoyed wearing hats until that day, because I hated being told when and how to wear them. Many of the odd ways that I used to dress eventually showed up as fashion years later. It seems as if I was too early for a lot of things. I was sure given grief for the 'scruffy" way that I dressed, and my poor Dad went to his grave firmly believing that this was the main reason why I never had very much success. He never got to see how people dress now...

ROCK PALAST 1981, NOW 5 VIDEOS!!! - March 12, 2007

The Markthalle Theater, Hamburg, Germany, January 21, 1981. Charlie Giordano on piano this time, and Ricky DeSarno on guitar. Crispin, Ivan, and Bobby were still with me at this point.

This song is called "Due Relief," and it was never recorded because everyone thought it was too nasty. I always loved it!
This next song is our cover of The Grass Root's song, "Midnight Confessions." I made up most of the words because I could not get them off the LP. I remember my manager telling me that the publishers didn't care if I wanted to record it with the wrong words, it was okay. Unfortunately, Mercury Records had zero interest in me recording this song at all, despite the fact that it was a real show-stopper.
This is a really great Mark Johnson song called "Bad Love." What fun!!! Still my favorite of all of the songs I have ever written, "Baby Please." I was having dinner with my manager Faris in the winter of 1978. I excused myself from the table because I told him that I had to go home and write a song. I came back while he was still eating, with my guitar, and played him this song. It was snowing outside as I sang.
This is the song that they love so much in parts of Europe, "Sittin' in the Dark" It has helped keep my career alive. I still cannot understand or explain its immense popularity


A fan sent me this, from a show done at The Bathurst Theatre in Toronto in 1979. Today, I coverted it to mp4, and put it on my MySpace page, and on YouTube.

Bernie Shanahan is playing synth, David Landau is on guitar, Ivan Elias is on bass, Crispin Cioe on sax, Bobby Chouinard on drums, and myself, on piano.

UPDATE! - January 18, 2007

The woman who is impersonating me is Caryn MacFadyen. She has done it before on message boards, and I'm sure she has done it in person over the years. I first read her fraudulent posts in 2001. They were written in 1999. Here is an example of just one, although there are others.

The woman from the hair salon who wrote in the Guestbook here saying that she had met me, actually met Caryn MacFadyen, and from reading all of Caryn's posts, which I sent her, she is sure. Caryn claims to be me, but she also claims to have a Celtic background.

This happened in the Atlanta area, and I'm not sure what I can do about it legally. As I said to the woman fro the salon, I believe that your greatest asset is your reputation. I hate the fact that this Caryn may be damaging mine in any way.

If you encounter this woman either online or in person, please be sure to email me, or post something in the Guestbook. For sure me having entered this here will ruin her chances of being able to use this Web site as her calling card!

THERE IS ONLY ONE ME! - January 16, 2007

My Guestbook had an interesting post today from a woman claiming to have done my hair last Sunday at her salon named "Ultra." She also said that she hoped my trip to Las Vegas went well.

While deleting this post, I saw her email address, and thought to write her and find out what kind of a joke this was, since I am here in Florida, and have not had my hair done, or been to Vegas. (I would rather die than go to Vegas.) She seemed angry that I would accuse her of making a fake post like some jokers do just to appear on search engines. As some of you know who post here, this is a constant problem, and it causes me to edit the Guestbook sometimes several times a day. She then went on to say that this "Carolyne Mas" had shown her ID, and she looked like my picture on the Web site (she had given her the Web site address!) except that now she was blond. This woman then questioned if I might be another Carolyne Mas ( maybe I was mistaken?), that she had heard there was another younger one in France. I corrected her, saying that there was a Jeanne Mas in France, but that she had been around for a while now.

Very weird, thriller movie kind of stuff!!! It does make me very uncomfortable, though, with all the fraud going on these days. In an effort to bust my impostor, and to convince this woman that I am who I am, HERE IS MY PHOTO!!! This was taken at my home last year with my beautiful son who also graces the cover of "Brand New World." I will email her the same picture. When it then matches the one that I have posted on this Web site, maybe she will believe me, and help me find the psycho is who is impersonating me!

If anyone else knows this person who is impersonating me, please email me at It will be our own little "Unsolved Mysteries!"

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! - January 2, 2007

I am glad that last year is over. It was a very hectic year for me, filled with extreme ups and downs. Many thanx to those who were so supportive of me when I was going through those zoning problems. All of the animals are so happy now that it's hard to imagine that they were ever in any peril.

My Aunt continues to survive the ravages of Alzheimer's with humor and courage. She is now 93. My son Gabriel is almost 5 now, and to see them "play" together is really something else. That we were all able to bring in the New Year together, my Mom who is now 81 included, was really a blessing and a fitting end to the mostly chaotic year which threatened to pull us apart.

Life is beautiful, even while there are those lurking around corners who would have it otherwise, and we somehow still manage to tear away the old page effortlessly and marvel at the new one with hopeful eyes. What strange and wonderful creatures we are, indeed!

I hope you are a little bit closer to where you want to be this year, and I hope that you find the opportunity to be with the people whom you love. I wish you the happiest of New Years, dear people, and the chance that it will be one filled with magic!

FAREWELL, FARIS BOUHAFA, August 22, 1946 - September 8, 2006

Faris Bouhafa was my manager during the most significant part of my career, as well as one of my best friends. I grew to really love him over the decades, as the number of people I called my true friends dwindled down to the count of a couple of fingers on one hand.

He was a fiercely intelligent, impetuous man, as well as a great lover of music and the beautiful things in life that many people don't take the time to appreciate. He was a fine cook and one my favorite people to share an evening's feast with. He was deeply passionate and concerned about the world we live in. If you needed 1,000 people in a room for an event by tomorrow, Faris was the man who could do that.

He was loved by many, and had just celebrated his 60th birthday with some of his closest friends by his side. I am very lucky to have been one of them.

Never will there be another soul in my life who will love my music more. He made me feel very important as an artist even when others had long forgotten and given up on me. He spoiled me for any other manager, and the ones that I had after him just never got me or what I was trying to do.

Please visit, a tribute to this remarkable man, and read about his many accomplishments. It is a Web site originally set up by one of his best friends for his birthday, which he had been looking forward to working on himself.

Rest in peace, dear Faris, and I will be sure and turn up the volume for you the next time I play.
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