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Carolyne Mas: Photos


Jörg with the first copies of the German tour poster.
My son took this right before we boarded the plane in Dallas, leaving for London on 1/21/13
Backstage at Circolo dei Malfattori, before first gig in Poggio Berne, Italy, 1/24/13
With Roberto, one of the owners of Circolo dei Malfattori in Poggio Berne the morning after the show, 1/25/13.
Dinner in Gandino pre show with Fulvio, Partrizia and friends. I don't eat wheat, so this was kind of a tragedy...however, my son ate pizza for me!
Franco Fanizzi and I before the show in Gandino, 1/26/13
Eleonora Bagarotti, myself, and Blue Ferrara. Such fantastic people!
Auditorium Scuola Di Musica Moderna, Ferrara, Italy, 1/27/13
Auditorium Scuola Di Musica Moderna, Ferrara, 1/27/13
Magic in Ferrara — with Blue Bottazzi and Mario Pantaleoni.
Playing live on BluRadio Veneta, 1/28/13
With bass player Andrea Lupi at Bluradio Veneto, 1/28/13
After the gig at Bar Dell'Orso, in Siena, Italy, 1/30/13
Massimo, Lupo, Gabriel (my son), and Lidia, at the lovely B&B before the show in Napoli. I love these guys...
Goodfellas, Napoli, 1/31/13
Recording outside of Rome, 2/1/13
After show brandy with Massimo, the very sweet owner of BreakLiveClub in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, 2/2/13
Grand piano at Fabrik in Hamburg, 2/10/13
Backstage at Batschkapp, Frankfurt, 2/11/13
Batschkapp, Frankfurt, 2/11/13
Batschkapp, Frankfurt, 2/11/13
Batschkapp, Frankfurt, 2/11/13
Club Barmen in Wuppertal, Germany, 2/16/13
Backstage with Franzi Rockzz, my opening act in Wuppertal.

Promo photos

This is the first page in the scrapbook Carolyne's mom made on her daughter's career.  The photo was taken by rock photographer Chuck Pulin, before Carolyne had made her first album.
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