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Carolyne Mas: Photos

This 1980 Mercury Records promo picture was taken by Irene Young, and used in Ms. ("The New Woman Sound Hits The Charts") and US ("Girls Keep Swinging.")
The same photo from the 1981 "Modern Dreams" album cover, by noted photographer David Gahr, was also used for this Mercury/PolyGram promo photo.

Debut album ads - 1979

Full-page ad in BILLBOARD magazine (September 8, 1979).
Carolyne's debut album shares a page in "THE ISLAND-EAR" with Frank Zappa!  The ad also advertises the show that would become the "Mas Hysteria" live recording.
Full page in ROLLING STONE (October 18, 1979).
A three-part ad from a U.K. music magazine...

Japanese "Music Life" magazines - 1979

The items in this section are from the Japanese magazine "Music Life" (1979).  This is Carolyne with her guitarist and frequent song-writing partner, David Landau.
Half-page ad (shared with Elton John!) for the debut album.
With The Boomtown Rats. Thank you very much to Christopher Bryant Olson for sharing these and many other rare items!

Early career cool stuff

Carolyne in concert at the El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada (circa 1979).  Photo courtesy of Ian Corks and Linda Middleton.
"Rising Star: Carolyn Mas!" One of the Pop Idols in the N.Y. DAILY NEWS Sunday Comics! (October 7, 1979.)
Three singles from the debut album: "Stillsane," "Quote Goodbye Quote," and "Snow."
From the TIME magazine article, "Chick Singers Need Not Apply" (January 21, 1980).
From "The New Music" book (1980).
From German "Stern" magazine, this photo survived being folded, stuck in a pocket and accidentally put in the clothes washer by Carolyne!  It says that she rocks wild like Little Richard did!

"Hold On" - 1980

From the "Hold On" album sleeve, 1980.
The "Hold On" cassette tape cover! (From the personal collection of Christopher Bryant Olson.)
Paul Colby's club, The Other End, was very important in launching Carolyne's career, and she returned for these shows the month that her second album was released.
From CREEM magazine, used with the "Hold On" review (November 1980). Photo by Anastasia Pantsios/Kaleyediscope.
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