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Carolyne Mas: Photos

"Modern Dreams" - 1981

Phil Chapman, myself and Jon Astley. This photo was taken at my manager's apartment on Bleecker.
PolyGram Records ad from ROLLING STONE (September 17, 1981).
Carolyne's response to all the comparisons and hype. From CREEM magazine (November 1981). Photo by Bob Sorce.
From "Rockeuses - Les Heroines de Juke Box," sent by Matt Kinska (Belgium).

"Jersey Artists For Mankind" - 1986

If you look closely, you can see the JAM 86 pass around Britt's neck in the other photo. The other pass is from the WNEW broadcast on the boardwalk in Asbury Park that summer. Somewhere, there is a recording of this.
J.T. Bowen, Britt Savage, myself, and Ric Pink...Jersey Artists for Mankind 86 in Trenton for Hands Across the World
JAM, day of filming, 1986
From the "J.A.M. '86" charity record, "We've Got The Love."  E Street Band members Garry Tallent (3rd from right) co-produced, and Max Weinberg (2nd from right) played drums.
The second shot from the "Jersey Artists For Mankind" cover.  Next to Carolyne is Southside Johnny Lyon--both were among the vocal soloists.
From BACKSTREETS, the Springsteen fanzine (Fall 1986).

Recording "Action Pact" - Feb. 1989

At Column One Recording Studio in Springfield, Missouri.  Carolyne at the mixer as co-producer of the "Action Pact" album in February 1989.
Carolyne showing Joe Terry a piano part.  With her hands busy, she puts money for a food delivery in her mouth!
Carolyne at work on a song in the studio.

"Action Pact" photos - 1989

Below are alternate shots from the 1989 "Action Pact" CD photo session, taken by Ken Boschert in Springfield, Missouri...
This is the 45 cover sleeve for "When Love Is Right," released in Germany for promotion only.
And here is the same photo but full-length, in color, and signed by Carolyne!
This is the shot that was actually used inside the "Action Pact" CD.

German press and photos - 1990s

"Carolyne Mas: Much more than 'Sittin' in the dark.' Graceful American proves Quality to the Final." (German concert review from 1990.) Thank you very much to Stephan Jurgens for the articles and translations!
"Carolyne Mas Small But Great," in the German edition of the fashion magazine ELLE! (June 1991.)
A cover story interview in this German music magazine (March 1992).
An ad for the "LIVE!" album from "magaScene" magazine (March 1992).
Carolyne onstage in Germany.
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