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Carolyne Mas: Photos

From German "Prinz" magazine (Feb. 1990), Carolyne put the Bremen flag on her guitar!
Carolyne says this was, "The end of the German tour in Dec. 1990. They released confetti and streamers during the encore, 'Come Together.' I wore my Tina Turner wig. That wig was funny. No one recognized me and it made men nervous. Ah, the power of hair!"
A test shot for the 1993 "Reason Street" CD cover.

"Brand New World" photo shoot - 1999

These are from the original "Brand New World" photo shoot after the album was made in 1999.
They were photographed by E. George Oeser at a lake near Nashville.
Carolyne's familiar high-top sneakers.


This photo was taken at a restaurant in Morro Bay, CA by Connie Clasing (on December 27, 2000) and used on the back of the "Beyond Mercury" CD.

Carolyne CD covers

"New Jersey Rock 5" charity CD from WDHA-FM, circa 1987.  Featuring Carolyne's song "Pretty Dancer."  Cover artwork by Eileen Ciavarella.
"Action Pact" on Still Sane Records, 1989.  Cover illustration and design by Carolyne Mas.
Double "Live!" CD on SPV Records, 1992. Cover photo by Christian Brinkmann.
"Driving On The Radio" CD single, Radio Edit.  SPV Records, 1993.  Photo by Bernhard Kuhmstedt, graphics by Sabine Potthast.
"Reason Street" CD on SPV Records, 1993.  Graphics and cover concept by Ulli Pfeger; photo by Bernhard Kuhmstedt.
"Mas Hysteria" album on CD, Mercury and SPV Records, 1996.  Cover from the record, designed to look like a bootleg album.  Photo taken in Hamburg in 1979.
Audio's Audiophile "In Concert," compilation CD of live tracks.  Zounds Music and Sony Music Entertainment, 2001. (Very special thanks to Hans-Juergen Buck for sending us many of the German CDs.)
"Sittn' In The Dark" 3-CD set of the double "Live!" and "Reason Street" CDs.  The International Music Company, 2001.  The cover photo is an out-take from Carolyne's first album photo session in 1979.
"Stay True" CD compilation of tracks from "Live!" and "Reason Street."  The International Music Company, 2002.  Cover photo from Carolyne's first album, 1979.
"Beyond Mercury" on Carolyne's own Savage Juliet Records, 2003.  Cover painting by Carolyne Mas.
"Brand New World" on Carolyne's Savage Juliet Records, 2005.  Photo of Carolyne's son taken by her brother-in-law, Felix Agustinho.


Tuckahoe, 1957
Can you spot the future rock 'n' roller in this picture? Carolyne is the 5th person in the middle row of her 8th grade class picture.
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