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Carolyne Mas: Press

"The wild-eyed, mighty-voiced Ms. Mas is part of the current music revitalization taking place on Bleecker St... Mas's vocals are sometimes pure raw power and forceful phrasing not unlike Patti Smith's, and at times as sweetly melodic and finely cultivated as Joni Mitchell... Mas is 22 years old; her training is operatic, but rock has always been her soul. Watch that soul take flight."
Pat Wadsley - WEEKLY SOHO NEWS (10-5-78)
"...Carolyne Mas is a gutsy, punkish singer with a Modigliani face and eyes that speak as loudly as her voice. There's a touch of Lou Reed in her manner and a great sense of dynamic control to her performance."
Ira Mayer - NEW YORK POST (1-79)
"...Carolyne Mas is a pint-size Geraldine Chaplin lookalike with flashing gypsy eyes, English mod-SoHo contemporary threads, a high energy quotient and an attachment to her electric guitar, on which she plays rhythm--with a vengence."
Linda Solomon - THE NEWS WORLD (1-22-79)
"...Carolyne Mas is a rock and roll singer/songwriter, the kind that it wasn't acceptable for a woman to be ten years ago, or even five. Buoyant, upbeat, with no trace of the 'vulnerable, pity-me' persona that for so long has been the public appearance (and often, the private reality) of women in rock. She is neither freak nor revolutionary, in her own opinion and in view of the audience. She is a musician, someone who has as much right to that occupation as any of the boys."
Penelope Ross - OMEGA ONE (2-16-79)
"Carolyne Mas... seems made to order for a successful rock career. She is a compelling and versatile singer. She writes clever, personal songs that use basic rock-and-roll elements in fresh ways... The idiom of her songs is close to Bruce Springsteen's, but they are a woman's songs, and at their best they convey a particular feminine sensibility with a tough, resilient wit and charm. Her singing is powerful without being overbearing and she knows how to drive a band on rhythm guitar."
Robert Palmer - THE NEW YORK TIMES (2-22-79)
"Mas is everything the critics say she is, and possibly a little bit more... The waif-like Mas cuts an engaging figure onstage in her black and white attire, and sports a hat that would make Tom Waits proud. Despite her sunny disposition and the ebullience of her music, she sings most compellingly about broken hearts, faithless love and the absolute necessity of trusting your own instincts."
David McGee & Barry Taylor - RECORD WORLD (3-24-79)
"...Mas cooked up a tune called 'Quote Goodbye Quote' that bids fair to become a classic evocation of the romantic kiss-off. Mas sings it with a distinctive wit... Mas' songs vary from reveries to roughhouse declamations without missing a beat, and if she keeps up this pace she may be dogging Randy Newman's tracks in a few years."
Jay Cocks - TIME (1-21-80)
"Mas is the rock world's best kept secret. Onstage, she is as explosive as a 20 megaton bomb, with a voice that can send shivers running through your body."
Ed Harrison - BILLBOARD (3-8-80)
"Mas bounds about the stage like no wimpy little sex goddess we've ever seen."
US (11-11-80)
"For me, the evening's highlight was Carolyne Mas... just seeing someone as glad to be back on stage as she was tonight is nothing short of inspiring... But Mas's attitude toward the past was evident in her demeanor tonight: forget the bitterness, forget the pain, just come out swinging. And so she did, outrocking anyone else crossing the stage this evening..."
Paul Bobny - THE AQUARIAN (1-1-86)
"...Mas looked at home in a pair of blue jeans, a black turtleneck and a guitar slung across her shoulder... Mas sang a slow, soulful version of the usually up-tempo Beatles song 'Eight Days A Week'--a rendition that would have made Tina Turner jealous."
Ron Sylvester - THE NEWS LEADER, SPRINGFIELD, MO (12-22-88)

"GERMANY: Although she is a veteran of the New York City scene and three U.S. albums on Mercury Records a decade ago, singer/songwriter Carolyne Mas has been so successful in Germany that she has lived, recorded and toured here since 1989. Ironically, the album that won her such popularity--a live recording titled 'Mas Hysteria' (Phonogram)--was intended only as a promotional device for forthcoming TV performance. It yeilded a string of hits and eventually sold more than 250,000 copies, making it one of the most successful 'official bootlegs' ever. Her new album, 'Reason Steet' (Phonogram), was recorded in Bremen, Mas' hometown for the last three-and-a-half years. It showcases her versatile singing style, which echoes performers from Janis Joplin to Joni Mitchell, in musical settings encompassing blues, folk and rock. Mas currently is on a promotional club tour of six major cities, performing songs from 'Reason Street' acoustically on guitar, harmonica, and piano. While the album has been likened, in places, to anything from R.E.M. to 'Led Zeppelin IV,' her one-woman show recalls the simplicity and sincerity of the original Greenwich Village singer/songwriters, but her material is fresh, and the wry narrative of a song like the single, 'Driving On The Radio' has its own distinctive '90s appeal."
Ellie Weinert - BILLBOARD (June 5, 1993) (Nov 9, 2012)

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