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ALBUM "Across the River" Route 61 Music 2013

Carolyne Mas

Tracklist: 1 Dizzy From The I-IV-V (written by Carolyne Mas) 1:06.

2 That Swing Thing (written by Carolyne Mas) 3:44.

3 Sittin' In The Dark (written by Carolyne Mas, David Landau) 4:38.

4 Under The Boardwalk (written by Arthur Resnick, Kenny Young) 2:43.

5 Across The River (written by Willie Nile) 4:34.

6 In A Box (written by Carolyne Mas) 5:07.

7 So Hard To Be True (written by Carolyne Mas) 3:21.

8 Witch Blues (written by Steve Forbert) 4:58.

9 Mexican Love Song (written by Carolyne Mas) 4:09.

10 New York City Serenade (written by Bruce Springsteen) 10:03.

Seven years since her last release, CAROLYNE MAS is back. Once called "a female Bruce Springsteen," Mas first burst onto the New York City music scene at the end of the '70s, during the golden age of American rock. Many years have since passed, and today Mas is more of a “Blues Mama” than a rocker, her voice swinging from folk to jazz, with blues and soul influences.

ACROSS THE RIVER, named after a song by the great Willie Nile, was conceived and recorded in Italy in the first half of 2013, and is being released by Route 61 Music (BTF distributed) on Oct 21, in honor of American guitarist/pianist's birthday (New York, 20/10/1955). In this much anticipated album, Mas revisits some of her earlier material, proudly introduces us to a few unreleased compositions (“In a Box”, “Mexican Love Song”) and interprets songs written by old Big Apple and Jersey Shore friends from younger days.

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