New Jersey Stage Magazine

This is a wonderful article by Greg Wien, and I am both humbled and touched that he decided to interview me for New Jersey Stage magazine.

I have had a small spike in attention that began just before I graduated.…


Casey Radio, Australia!

This is the 2–hour Carolyne Mas special that aired on Casey Radio, Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday, July 23rd. There were some server issues at the time of the broadcast, which prevented listeners in certain parts of the world from…


DropBox File Sharing Access!

I had an idea while sharing some files with friends, to offer access to fans so they can burn their own CDs/DVDs from my files, or just download them to their mobile devices. I will charge $30 for full access…


Carolyne Mas Live at the Fast Lane, January 1980

Someone sent me an anonymous gift, a recording of a Carolyne Mas show from the Fast Lane in Asbury Park, New Jersey, in January of 1980. I think this may be the show I played where both Bruce Springsteen and…

I Graduated!




“No star is ever lost we once have seen, We always may be what we might have been.” - Adelaide Anne Procter

Carolyne Mas at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park

“On a warm summer night—July of 1980—that fine tuned machine—with Carolyne Mas: lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Rick Desarno: lead guitar, Ivan Elias: bass, Crispin Cioe: sax, Charles Giordano: keys, and Vince Barranco on drums— revved its monster engine from…

Outstanding Student Article

I am graduating summa cum laude from Arizona State University on May 6th. I made it. I was chosen for an outstanding student profile in their school paper. Click on the photo to read it!

Valley Naturals

As I get ready to graduate with a BS in Integrative Health on May 6th of 2019, I am slowly setting up a business that I have wanted to set up for a long time. I have named it Valley