Carolyne Mas Live at the Fast Lane, January 1980

Someone sent me an anonymous gift, a recording of a Carolyne Mas show from the Fast Lane in Asbury Park, New Jersey, in January of 1980. I think this may be the show I played where both Bruce Springsteen and Tony Bennett were in the audience, as I believe that Neon, a band comprised of his sons, opened for me that night. Neon and I were with the same booking agency, so we did a lot of shows together around that time and I got to know all of them pretty well.

This is not the entire show, but there are quite a few tracks and the quality is not bad. I tried a remix, but I am no expert. What I have done is to create a file in DropBox called "Carolyne Mas Fast Lane 1980" with both the mixed and unmixed versions, which are each in two parts. Those who subscribe to DropBox access already, will get this show as soon as I tag you tomorrow. Those who are not subscribed yet, will have the opportunity to do so by visiting my website.

Part 1 of the show contains these songs: Never 2 Without 3, Snow, It's No Secret, All for You, and Sadie Says. Part 2 of the show contains these songs: Stillsane, Baby Please, Go Ahead and Cry Now, and Midnight Confessions. The band lineup is with David Landau (lead guitar), Crispin Cioe (sax), Ivan Elias (bass), Charlie Giordano (keys), and Bobby Chouinard (drums). This was before Hold On was recorded and may have been one of Charlie's first shows with me as he replaced Robbie Condor. My first ex-husband sings harmony on Sadie Says as he did on my first album, and this is one of the few times that he did so at a live show.

I encourage fans to subscribe to my DropBox access, because I never know when special shows like this will be added. Enjoy the music!

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