New Jersey Stage Magazine


This is a wonderful article by Greg Wien, and I am both humbled and touched that he decided to interview me for New Jersey Stage magazine.

I have had a small spike in attention that began just before I graduated. I am not entirely sure why things like this happen, but someone once told me that Lady Luck was a like statue on a pedestal with her eyes closed, and that she revolves around and around; you have to watch her very carefully, because every once in a while she will open her eyes and look at you, and you must be there to see it. Sort of like a reverse wink of good fortune. 

I figured at one point that Lady Luck only looks at you once, and I resigned myself to the fact that she would never see me again; I now know different. We can love more than once, succeed more than once, and dream more than once - hope is always afoot. Let’s not ever forget that, okay?