"Mas Hysteria" CD Reissue Notes from Carolyne 1996

First released on CD by Mercury, then SPV Records (both Germany), in 1996. Carolyne's notes (below) and extra photos were included in the second version. (Both versions incorrectly list "Tr. 5, 6 written and composed by David Landau.")

Dear Listener, This album was recorded mid-July of 1980 as a live broadcast for WLIR-FM radio, from a club called 'My Father's Place,' in Roslyn, New York. It was the first gig marking the beginning of the tour to support my second album, 'Hold On,' and that tour was to end in Ludwigshafen, Germany, at the end of January 1981.

For promotional purposes, this broadcast was released to radio and press in Germany on a limited basis, to accompany my appearance on the television show 'Rockpalast,' also at the end of January 1981. The cover photo, oddly enough, was taken at 'Onkel Po' in Hamburg, in the winter of 1979 during the tour to support my first album, 'Carolyne Mas.' I don't even know who came up with the title 'Mas Hysteria.'

Little did I know that this recording would become so popular! It is the most successful of the seven albums I have recorded so far, and that is because of you. It is therefore with great appreciation and love, that I dedicate this CD version of 'Mas Hysteria' to you.

Carolyne Mas

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