ALBUM: "Rock Away" Atlantic Records, 1981

Phoebe Snow

Side One 1. Cheap Thrills (Bob McDill) 2. Baby Please (Carolyne Mas) 3. Gasoline Alley (Rod Stewart & Ron Wood) 4. Rock Away (Phoebe Snow) 5. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Don Covay & Ronald Miller)

Side Two 1. Games (Vince Melamed & Andrea Farber) 2. Down In The Basement (Phoebe Snow) 3. Shoo-Rah Shoo-Rah (Allen Toussaint) 4. Something Good (Phoebe Snow) 5. I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)

Produced by Greg Ladanyi and Richie Cannata. Cover photo by Jim Houghton.

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REVIEW: Don't Miss (US magazine) May 12, 1981

Phoebe Snow - Rock Away (Atlantic): Life really hasn't been the same since the arrival of a singer as accomplished and idiosyncratic as Phoebe Snow. The deep-voiced talent stayed away for awhile, allowing an influx of Ronstadt clones to dominate the airwaves with neatly predictable pop poop. Snow is different. She may not be the queen of the charts, but she has an introspective flavor all her own. This album, which includes songs by Rod Stewart, Carolyne Mas, Bob Dylan, and Snow herself, is a bit rockier than her past efforts, but there are still strong ballads ('Something Good') to remind us of her strongest assets. A comeback worth waiting for.

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