By Linda Solomon Special To The News World

Opening act Carolyne Mas is a pint-size Geraldine Chaplin lookalike with flashing gypsy eyes, English mod-SoHo contemporary threads, a high energy quotient and an attachment to her electric guitar, on which she plays rhythm--with a vengence. She wants to be a star, has a band comprised of musicians who have already made a name for themselves, and producer Steve Burgh (Steve Forbert).

Ms. Mas has some odd material, which happens to be effective, particularly a couple of songs 'about going crazy,' as the songwriter admitted. 'It's No Secret' made no bones about the subject, but 'Still Sane' was more optimistic.

One of Ms. Mas's most amusing and memorable ditties was 'Goodbye, Quote--That's All He Wrote.' It was about a fellow who left his woman to go around the corner to a phone booth to make a call. He left a one-word note: 'Goodbye.' Doesn't seem like much in the telling, but as a duet of sorts with one of the band members, it was whatever the female version of 'macho' would be, yet winsome at the same time. Like Ms. Mas, from whom we will undoubtedly be hearing much more.

She hides nine years of operatic training well but still looks like a little girl at a masquerade party--perhaps like Tanya Tucker, when she was a mere 15 years old on the music biz make, trying hard to let it happen the way it almost had to Suzy Quatro (who had to go to London to find it). Carolyne Mas is determined, and she has the guts to go with the raw talent.

Her backup band is ready to move into the studio with her, and they rock out to meet the lady's needs. Lead guitarist David Landau has worked behind Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon, bass guitarist Hugh McDonald and pianist Robbie Kondor have recorded and performed with Steve Forbert, baritone sax player David Leatheors is with Mink de Ville; the other bari sax player, Crispin Cioe, is a working journalist, and the drummer, Bob Chouinard, is a member of Pierce Arrow.” - Linda Solomon

— THE NEWS WORLD (1-22-79)