1. "HBKD771"

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"HBKD771" is the real license plate number of a real person in Bremen, Germany. I LOVE this song! This is one of the two songs which did not make it to the final "Reason Street " CD. The producers, Charlton Pettus and Milton Sutton, did not feel that they could fit it into the scheme of things. Most of the tracks on that CD run directly into each other, and there was just no logical place. Of course, if I had been in charge...this is one of the records I recorded where I felt like I just showed up and sang. Don't get me wrong--I love Charlton dearly. We met in a snowstorm in Asbury Park in February of 1987, when we were both snowbound at the house of a guy who supposedly knew John Hammond. He was just 24, and we actually celebrated his birthday there. He was a relatively insecure guitar player in a mediocre band, but I knew that he was destined for bigger and better things. He was just that talented. I chose to do this album with Charlton over John Astley, who co-produced "Modern Dreams," and after David Landau could not do it. He is also a very kind and generous person in many, many ways. But sometimes when you put together a group of guys in the studio, they can become very intimidating and exclusive, a real boy's club. I could never get an idea in edgewise, and my participation level on my own CD fell out of reach. Carolyne Mas...Vocals,
Milton Sutton...Drums,
Charlton Pettus...Everything Else. Produced by Charlton Pettus, Milton Sutton , and Clive Gray.
Moxed by Clive Gray.