1. "Imagine"

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In Germany at the end of 1992, there was a big campaign against the discrimination of foreigners, and a lot of celebrities were doing ads promoting tolerance. The wall had been down only a short time, and people were having a hard time adjusting, both economically and socially.

I had the idea to record "Imagine," but I wanted to take it a step further. I went from restaurant to restaurant, all owned by people of different nationalities, and brought a tape recorder along to record the word "peace" in their prospective languages. It must have been 10 degrees Farenheit outside, and at each stop I was greeted with warm food or drink. Each restaurant owner was more than happy to cooperate, and many ended up telling me about their far away countries, and what it was like to be living in a strange land. I knew how it felt to be homesick, as I was a stranger there myself, but I was embarrassed a bit at how well they had adapted, learning the language fluently, and raising their children to be bilingual, while I had such trouble learning German, and still fumbled through shopping even after 3 years.

My good friend Clive Gray owned a studio, and was nice enough to let me dabble a bit one night, and voila...this version of "Imagine" was born. The only thing sad about the whole thing, is that we were never able to get anyone else interested enough to release it. This mp3 that I made in 1998 from a cassette, is all that remains.

Carolyne Mas...Lead and backing Vocals, Keyboards.

Clive Gray...Accoustic Guitar and backing vocals.

Felix Agustinho...Electric Guitar.

Additional lyrics and arrangement by Carolyne Mas.

Thank you to the good people of Bremen, Germany.