'There aren't enough women in music' is the traditional lament of record industry types who don't really want to see women so much as they want sex stereotypes who can parade their physiques and turn on the sex appeal on cue. And yet, fully arrived on the scene is a group of young women who can join the likes of Linda Ronstadt, Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith as artists whose talent transcends sex barriers and equals that of their male counterparts. Carolyne Mas is probably the most 'different' of the bunch. A scruffy-looking 25-year-old with a gravelly voice, Mas bounds about the stage like no wimpy little sex goddess we've ever seen. 'I'm no chick singer,' she says, convincingly. Mas may never gain mainstream acceptance because she doesn't fit into any feminine molds.”

— US (11-11-80)